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FGRED Services

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Our Services
Our Services
      include but are not limited to:
Accessory Dwelling Unit Additions (ADU)

Our expert contactors handle your home addition or ADU job from start to finish. We provide superior installation, excellent customer service, and dependable work.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Additions (ADU)
Full House Construction

Specializes in the management, coordination and delivery of all types of Estate building and maintenance work

Full House Construction
Rebuild / Renovate / Remodel

We are able to use our experience in renovations to remove or alter the positions of walls, whether structural or non-structural, to create a completely new layout.

Rebuild / Renovate / Remodel
Our Offer
What FRED Offer
  • We develop modern high end residential property for both sale and rent.

  • We have an entire local skilled workforce that allows us to build properties from scratch until completion.

  • We provide contractual services for construction and renovation works

  • We offer interior and exterior design (including structural building design).

  • We also list properties for sale and rent on behalf of clients

Your Dream Home

Steps to
   Your Dream Home 



designing & constructing


Clancy New Full House Construction


​FG Real Estate Development
       will walk You to Your Dream Home with ease! 
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